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An Introduction To This Site!

     The purpose of making this site is just intending to promote cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world. It originally resulted from three things: the publication of Mr. He Liyi's autobiography, Mr. China's Son; the opening of Mr. China's Son Cultural Exchange Cafe and the publication of sequel, Under The Red Flag.

     The first edition of Mr. He's autobiography was published in 1993 by the US publisher, Westview Press. Since it tells a real life story in a very vivid way, it has become popular, in addition to many readers, more and more professors choose it as a textbook-information for students to China and Asia studies. From this book, readers get to know more about new China.

     Because his life story has touched so many readers, when they come to visit China, many of them like to meet Mr. He face to face. Mr. He had been invited to meet them in various places in China. However, as Mr. He is getting older, he could not travel far away often. Therefore, in order to keep on communicating with readers and make more new friends, in 1995, Mr. He opened a small but unique cafe called Mr. China's Son Cultural Exchange Cafe in Dali Old Town. The cafe lasted for 10 years until 2005, when Mr. He is too old to run it. Mr. He liked Dali so much that he did not want to leave there after the closing of the cafe. He rented a hotel room and stayed there until March 2006, when his son, Lujiang "captured" him and carried him to Xiaguan, the new Dali to live with the family. 

    Now, Mr. He is staying at the top floor of their family-owned house. Here there is a small garden, Mr. He could plant all kinds of flower and vegetables he likes. He is enjoying the rest years of his life. 

     As Mr. China's Son becomes more and more popular, China is developing and changing quickly. New China is really NEW. Our country is not the same as it was 15 years ago. Then, what about Mr. He and his family? How about the following stories of the people Mr. He had lived with or struggled against? What has been happening now in China?... All wonders have driven readers to ask: What about China now? In order to answer all of these questions, Mr. He and Claire have finished the updated material for the new edition, which has already published in 2003. 

     In addition to the updated edition, Mr. He, the so called "Mr. China's Son" and his son, whom should be called "Mr. China's Son's Son" have finished another new book entitled Under The Red Flag (working title). The new book will tell more about new China in a wider range. It is also in editing by editors of an American publisher, the Rowman & Littlefield publishing company. It would be published in the near future.

     Because of the previously mentioned things, and in order to promote more understanding between people, the He family has made this site. We are trying to offer more information about the prior mentioned books, which have been acting as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. Since Yunnan has become one of the must-go places in China, we also collect information about this province and offer them here in this site. 

     In order to enable all Internet visitors to clearly check various information in this site, we put all information into five different groups at the top banner. The links on the top banner are the group names, each of them will bring visitors to the content of this group on the left banner. Visitors can read different site pages in this group by click their links here on the left banner. The current content on the left banner is under the group name “Mr. China’s Son and Family”. We hope all our efforts would be a little help to all our friends.