A Trip to 3 Yi Minroity Villages on the Internet!


In any country, the most developed areas are modernization and usually too commercial as well as too artificial. As a traveler, we always have a strong desire to visit the families of the local people. As a stranger, you can usually see the things that the businessmen and the companies expect you to see. More over, you only can see the surface. In order to let our guests understand more about minorities in Dali area, Mr. China's Son Cultural Exchange Cafe had organized several trips to 3 Yi Minority villages.  In this trip you'll see what the local peoples' real lives are; how they live; what they eat, how their homes look like; what their customs are......everything in their natural environment. It's really an unforgettable trip. It had become the highlights of many visitors' Yunnan journey! Since Mr. He is getting older and his son, Young Mr. He is getting buisier, we could not offer this special trip at present. However, we still would like to guide our visitors to visit these three villages, but only on the Internet now. We are sorry for this, we would restart this trip again some time later.

As for the villages, we found them only by chance. Some Dutch tourists were attracted by them on the market and want to visit their villages. We didn't know exactly where they live. When we found out, no bus wants to go, because the road was too bad. We solved all the problems in the end, but we still have to walk from one village to another. There are 4 villages in the mountain, we usually goes to three of them.
The people here are so pure and so natural! They've never seen the "long-nose, blue-eyes" people before and when they heard that the foreigners have come to their village, many people rushed into the house we were visiting. We became the attraction of them in turn!


Instead of gates, dogs will keep the household safe and sound! Look, the chickens are still safe and happy.

When we dropped in a local house, we were warmly welcomed. The host is offering cigarettes and the guests are busy taking photos.


We walked from one village from the other, enjoying the beautiful natural beautiful with local villagers are working in the fields.

When people are not busy in the field, they look after the cattles and do other things at home.


What is attracting them so much in the village?

Oh, my dear! It's two pigs broke the wall and want say "Hello!" to the visitors!


They of course have electricity in the villages, but they prefer this to thresh grains at their courtyard.

After the thresh the grains, they come to this village miller. There is at least one miller in each village.



After a life-long hard work, the former village-leader is now enjoying his old age. At his court-yard, the tourists are discovering something interesting.

Old ladies are curious about the pictures we took on the spot.


Babies are being looked after by their mothers and grand parents.

Who said the mountainous children has less knowledge? You see this lovely boy is trying to say "Hello!" to us.


Mr. Li Long’s family is one of our favorite families to visit. This is Mr. Li’s daughter-in-law and grandson. 

Three years later, the baby has grown up to a naughty boy. I discovered that another baby would come out very soon.


It’s not easy for them to go to the town to take a family picture, so, we took family pictures for many of them.



Well, friends, these villages are sleeping in the mountains. We will see local people working in the mountain-fields, cooking at kitchen, chatting by the village, looking after cattle on the mountain, peeking you at the corners or behind the doors......We hope we could restart this trip sooner!

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