Our Home Town----Jianchuan County


Jianchuan County located in north of Dali Prefecture. There are 125 KMs from Xiaguan, the capital city of this prefecture. It is nearer to Lijiang, only 80 KMs. Jianchuan has a long history, more than 3000 years. Jianchuan is famous for three things: traditional wooden grottoes, Shibao Mountain Scenic Spot and traditional customs.
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The land here is not rich, so the people are hardworking. And since it is a poor place, most of the Bai traditions and cultures remain untouched here, this, of course is a good thing.

Jianchuan is one of the typical Bai Minority communities of Dali Prefecture, most of the residents are Bai. The Jianchuan dialect has been considered the standard language of the Bai Minority.

There are two major well know scenic spots, the Shibao Mountain and the Manxianling Woods. Manxianling Woods located near the county town, Jinhuazheng.


The other scenic spot is Shibao Mountain, which located in Shaxi Township in this county, the mountain is famous for both its scenery and grottoes. The Shizhong (Stone Bell) Mountain Grottoes have been listed as important cultural relics under state protection. In the 16 caves dug during the Nanzhao and Dali periods, 139 carved Buddhist images are housed.


People could see very beautiful and interesting things elsewhere, but not so easy to see things like here.  Among the many scenic spots in Dali area, this is considered the most unique one.

Every August, there is a folk song competition here.  Thousands of villagers rush to here. It is really a sea of folk songs.
Since Shibao Mountain is very near to our Shangbaodian Village, we often visit this spots.       

No matter you come from Lijiang or from Dali, visitors to Shibao Mountain must go through our small village.

Sometimes, when friends came to visit Shibao Mountain, they liked to have a rest at our house.

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