The artists Pan Aiqing & Lizhao

Mr. He Liyi on the back cover

Content and Illustrations of the Book

Publisher: William Collins Sons & Co Ltd.

ISBN: 0-688-06192-3


Page 23.

The Wonderful Brocade (Zhuang)

Page 35.

The Spring of Butterflies (Bai)


Page 42.

The Tibetan Envoy (Tibetan)

Page 50.

The Dougarda Brothers (Thai)


Page 58.

A Woman’s Love (Uighur)

Page 75.

The Princess’s Veil (Uighur)


Page 82.

The King and a Poor Man (Kazak)

Page 87.

The Story of Washing Horse Pond (Bai)


Page 94.

A Crane and Two Brothers (Tulong)

Page 98.

A Stone Sheep (Yi)


Page 103.

A Golden Fish (Uighur)

Page 114.

The Two Brothers (Naxi)


Page 119.

Green Dragon Pond (Bai)

Page 134.

Never Heard of This Before (Thai)

This folk tales story book is available in Mr. China’s Son Café. But at present, the illustrations are only white and black.

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