Thanks to all kind-hearted friends of this world, 

Mr. He Liyi, author of Mr. China's Son has finished his trip to the US, Belgium and Holland.

The first and the main sponsor of Mr. He's trip was Bates College. Professor Margaret Maurer-Fazio has been using Mr. China's Son as teaching material for a few years. Margaret guided a studying program in Nanjing University in 1997. She invited Mr. He to talk to their students there. In late 1999, Margaret gained a fund to start a series of China-related lectures in Bates. She invited Mr. He to join these activities, this led to Mr. He's unforgettable trip.


When some friends got to know that Mr. He would come to visit the States and willing to visit some other colleges which are using the book, they all tried to find out the possibility to visit more colleges. In the end, besides Bates College, 7 other colleges and universities would like Mr. He to visit their schools. But because Mr. He had to go to Belgium on April 10, time is too limited and programs for University of Vermont and the University of Detroit Mercy did not work out. Professor Roland Spickermann brought some of his students to a nearby college, Wooster College to meet Mr. He. Professor Juefei Wang of University of Vermont would bring a group to visit Yunnan area and would meet Mr. He in Kunming.

The arrangement was a huge task! However, with great helps from Mr. He's friends, such as Mr. Robert W. (Bill) Maule of Seattle and Elna & Bruce of New York, the arrangements worked out perfectly. They found out who was using the book and contacted different professors, offered us much information and a lot of good advice.

Bill kindly acted as the Headquarters of Mr. He's US-Belgium-Holland trip. Almost all emails from different places poured into his computer first and then poured out to different professors and Mr. He, Bill updated the itinerary again and again in order to have a better program. He is a genius-retired diplomat and a thoughtful friend.

In order to help Mr. He to gain his US visa easier, he found out who was the consul in Chengdu and contacted him personally. In order to avoid possible trouble with the Seattle immigration officer, he wrote a formal letter for the Seattle Immigration and Naturalization Service, trying to explain that Mr. He would leave the States in time. He bought medical insurance for Mr. He. Bill even asked if Mr. He might be allergic to his cats in his housemany many unforgettable kindness and help.

After a month's visits to many places, Mr. He went to Belgium and Holland to attend the publication of the Dutch version of Mr. China's Son, the "Zoon Van China" on April 10.

Actually, Mr. He was handed by his American friends to hands of Belgian friends. In Belgium, the family of Jean-Marie, a friend called Diane Dejaeghere and the publisher, Leo De Haes of the Houtekiet Company, took great care of him. They took Mr. He to Holland and over there it was Camiel and Leontien who took care of them.

After his safe return on April 24, 2000, Mr. He has many new stories to share with his family and friends. To sum up his experience, he said, "Without the great international friendship, I, the old country-bumpkin can never imagine this international trip! It's not enough to thank these friends even a thousand times!" Yes, it's true!

For details of Mr. He's trip, please click the links and visit different pages, where you can view many pictures as well. Thank you!

Long live international friendship!

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