Prof. Margaret Maurer-Fazio Noted Down The Follwoing Material

March 12

It snowed heavily here in Maine. Ron and I picked up Mr. He at the Portland Airport and drove him the 40 miles to Lewiston. We just chatted in the car and then fed Mr. He one of Ron's famous Italian meals.

March 13

In the morning we ate breakfast together and then I left Mr. He to rest and prepare for meeting the students in my Economics of Greater China class. We had an informal question and answer session and followed that with a lunch.  I had the pictures converted to slides.

An old friend from Nanjing, Else Kyyro ( a student from Finland) showed Mr. He around the Bates campus.   We went to an office downtown to take care of all tax requirements in terms of the payment of the honorarium and were delighted to find out that we did not need a tax ID number and because of the tax treaty between the USA and China Mr. He did not have any tax obligation.    We ate dinner with Ron and Hannah at the Thai Place.

March 14

We made pancakes for breakfast with Maine's most famous fruit--blueberries. Sharon Kinsman came to join us for breakfast. In the morning, Mr. He prepared for his reading.    We had lunch with a number of students.  At 4:00 Mr. He gave a reading from Mr. China's Son. It was well attended with a few visitors having to sit on the floor. We ate at a very good restaurant called the Black Watch with another old friend from Nanjing--Brian Knudsen.

March 15

Catherine Ring, an old friend from Vermont drove to our house to visit. We picked up the slides and checked them for quality.

We had lots of fun eating a "Thanksgiving Dinner" at Tim and Cindy Camire's House. Mr. He explored their whole house and we sent pictures to you over the Internet.

March 16

We started this day with a very early visit to the dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Sloan. Sharon Kinsman accompanied Mr. He to the dentist's office. James Hughes picked up Mr. He at my office and took him on an hour drive to him home in Waterville. Mr. He read from his book for James son's class and then had lunch with James and his wife Deborah.

At 4:00 Mr. He gave a slide-show presentation in Pettengill Hall at Bates College. It was well attended. Dr. Sloan and his assistant also came to see Mr. He's resentation. Else, Ryan Schaffer, and Brian took Mr. He to have dinner with Ryan's parents in Cumberland. Mr. He was really impressed with the size of their house.

March 17

An unexpected snow fall interfered with the plans for Wendy Hazard and Barbara West to take Mr. He to the ocean.  I took him to the dentist to receive his new partials and have some more work done. Wendy picked up Mr. He and took him to Slates (a restaurant she used to own) to visit with him and Barbara West and Nancy Riley.

March 18

We had a fancy breakfast at Sharon Kinsman's apartment--carefully prepared by Sharon and her friend Alice Elliott. We drove Mr. He to see the poorer sections of Lewiston and to visit a friend who had just gotten out of the hospital after major surgery on his neck. We stopped at the bank and also had film developed so Mr. He could confirm that his camera was working ok. We then drove to the airport but stopped at Maine's most famous store, L.L. Bean's to show Mr. He a stuffed moose. We met some police officers at the airport that we knew who were going on the same flight as Mr. He and they said they would make sure he was met in the Pittsburgh airport by his next host before they went off to their training course.                                                                              Back to Top

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