What did Mr. He Do in College of Dupage?

The previous sponsor, Prof. Daniel Meisner wrote: "When we drove him to Ellen's house in DuPage and finally waved goodby, both my daughter Lisa and I wanted to stop the car, put him back inside, and bring him back to Milwaukee!"

 The following arrangements was carefully made by Prof. Ellen Johnson

Friday, March 24


Approximately 11:20 am, trip downtown to the Chicago Options Exchange with Cathy Boyd, student from last term's morning class. We will need to have eaten lunch first. You and she will walk to the train station in Naperville and take the train downtown. You will return to her house by car (with her husband, who works at the Options Exchange), will take her daughter to a lesson, and then come back to Naperville by about 6:00 pm by car.

Dinner at Kimberley (Kim) Wolfe's house with her and Jennifer Tyranowski, students in last term's afternoon class. Folkdancing at Argonne National Lab with Ellen.

Saturday, March 25


Trip to downtown Chicago with Mary Ann Han, her husband Willy, and their son, Robert (Shaming). Their daughter Tina (Shatsun) won't be able to go. Mary Ann was in my afternoon class. Folk concert at College of DuPage 8:00 pm. Weavermania. We will drive and leave my house at about 7:15 pm. John Wilhelmi will go, also, and we will also sit with Rick Rodriguez, another student of mine last term.


Sunday, March 26


To church, a Catholic church, actually, with Maureen Provost, husband Mark, and son Stephan. She was a student in my morning class. In the afternoon, from 2:30 to 5:00 pm, there will be a reception at my house for former students, mostly, and a few other people, so people can meet and talk with you. People will come in and out during that time.


Monday, March 27


I will have to leave for COD by 7:00 am and will not return until early afternoon. You can come in with me if you like and explore the college or you can stay home and work on your presentation or read or whatever. If you walk into Naperville, you might carry a card with my address on it just in case.


Jane Wu would like to have you visit her Chinese language class at 4:30 pm. I will drive you to the college and take you to her class, which meets in IC 3112. From her class  (perhaps her husband will drive or perhaps I will pick you both up), you will return to Naperville, to the restaurant. Dinner will be at Jin Mandarin Restaurant in Naperville at 7:00 pm with some of the members of the Asia Committee at College of DuPage.


Tuesday, March 28


We will leave for College of DuPage by 7:00 am, as I teach at 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 am. 9:00 am. You can speak in my class, IC 3041. My students will just be beginning to read your book, as this is only the second day of spring quarter. Perhaps you can show the film you have brought. I can check Friday afternoon to see if we have equipment which can play your tape.


12:00 noon. This is the first of your two slide presentations at the college. SRC 2800 D,E,F. I can take you there at about 11:30 am, after we have had a quick lunch in the cafeteria.


After your presentation and whatever questions there are, are finished, I will take you to Jane Wu's Chinese history class in IC 2077. It goes until about 3:20 pm. Then I can drive you home for a rest and, then, dinner.


7:30 pm. This is the second slide presentation, same as the first. We will leave my house at about 6:30 pm. The presentation will be in SRC 1046-8.


Wednesday, March 29


We will leave for College of DuPage by 7:00 am. We should take your luggage with us. 9:00 am. My class, again, same room. You can talk about your life today, any new books you are writing, or whatever you want. You can ask the students questions, too.



10:00 am. Misty Sheehan's class on Nonwestern Humanities. I will take you there, as Misty has had foot surgery and is on crutches. IC 2074.


11:00 am. If we have time, students in one of the classes at the Older Adult Institute would love to meet you. It is a course called Great Decisions and is on world issues. It is located across the street in another building and we would only stay there about 20 minutes or so.


11:30 pm. We will leave for the airport. It usually takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport. Your plane leaves at 1:35 pm. I will park the car and take you to the gate. We can have lunch at the airport in the food court after you have checked in.


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